Fitdesk Review – Laptop Office Exercise Bike – The Fitdesk laptop desk can help you exercise and get fit while you work! host Scott Fox reviews the new Fitde…
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8 Responses to “Fitdesk Review – Laptop Office Exercise Bike”

  1. walter0bz says:

    just need vesa mounts + dedicated monitors

  2. scottfox1 says:

    I have not tried but it looks like that would be easy enough. There are just 3 simple bolts underneath the saddle.

  3. thesuppishone says:

    Is there any way to change out the saddle (seat cushion)?

  4. Steve Snipes says:

    Hi Scott, I think you have a winner here. Sounds like a great affiliate product. I will check it out. I have gotten way to flabby sitting behind my desk. The fact it is easy to put together and store is a big plus. I’m running out of excuses!

    Dr. Steve

  5. gadgetfann says:

    I just ordered mine last week. Should be here tomorrow. Thanks for this review.

  6. HsUnionB2B says:

    Great product for people who want to stay healthy and get the work done for the next day!

  7. scottfox1 says:

    I agree, Marie, a great deal.
    And yes, the bike is so quiet my wife didnt even realize I was riding it until she came into the room!

  8. nightlistener2 says:

    I bought one of these, too, and I love it. I spend hours at the desk each day, like most of us, and this bike makes it easy to do 20 or 30 or 40 minutes of exercise without even realizing it. The thing I was most surprised about was the smooth and quiet flywheel. For the price, this is a great deal! (Marie)

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